Pure Soluble Coffee:
This is the primary product that Company has to offer – 100% Pure Soluble Instant Coffee. This pure Soluble Coffee is prepared from carefully selected Arabica and Robusta green coffee from different parts of the world, roasted, blended and processed to suit the specific requirements of the customers. is one of the only companies in the world that can offer all 4 types of Soluble Coffee from one single location:
  Spray Dried Coffee Powder
  Spray Dried Coffee Granules
  Freeze Dried Coffee
  Freeze Concentrate Liquid Coffee

Decaffeinated Coffee:
Coffee beans, by nature, have caffeine. The process of decaffeination results in the final coffee product being at least 97 percent caffeine-free, with an average 2-3 mg of caffeine present in a cup of decaffeinated coffee.
There are three main processes for removing of caffeine from coffee beans:
1) process wherein carbon dioxide is used for decaffeination;
2) process wherein water or chemical solvents are used for decaffeination; and
3) process wherein ethyl acetate and methylene chloride are used for decaffeination.
The above mentioned processes do not affect the flavour of coffee, and the decaffeinator works to ensure that stripping the caffeine from the coffee beans does not strip the flavour of coffee. After removal of the solvents from the coffee beans, the regular process is followed, i.e., beans are roasted by ordinary process.
Flavoured Coffee:

Flavoured coffee is nearly as old as the original beverage itself. History shows that a few hundred years ago, in the Middle East, people had blended coffee with nuts and spices, for personalised special flavours.
In modern times, this trend for unique flavour alternatives continues to flourish. Consumers of today are willing to taste and experience new flavours and they welcome the introduction of flavouring agents into the coffee.
has the capacity to offer coffee in several flavours, including, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, chocolate, hazelnut.
Certified Coffees:

can offer Fairtrade certified soluble instant coffee, Organic certified soluble instant coffee and Organic certified soluble instant coffee. In addition to these individually certified soluble instant coffee, can further offer dual certified soluble instant coffee which is a combination of any two of the certificates mentioned above. Furthermore, can also offer triple certified soluble instant coffee with a combination of all three certifications.
Chicory-coffee mix:
Chicory is a natural plant product, used as a creative, versatile ingredient to add flavour to other drinks.
A chicory blended soluble instant coffee mix gives a stronger cup at a cheaper price compared to the 100% Pure Soluble Coffee. Due to its unique taste profile and maybe even price, this chicory-coffee mix is preferred by various segments of consumers across the world.
Chicory-coffee mix is available in spray dried powder as well as granules, and has the capacity to offer the same to its customers.